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Journal of Innovative Research in Clinical & Medical Sciences

Issued by : The Society for Academic Research (Regd.)
ISSN No. : 2456-7736
Volume : 1st
Serial No. : 1st
Website :
Launch: April, 2017

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
A Comprehensive Review of Alternative Inhibitors in Imatinib Resistance in Chronic Myeloid
Murali Paramanandhan, Dr. Surendra Beniwal, Dr. H.S. Kumar, Dr. Rajesh Kumar, Dr. Ramesh Purohit Vol.1 No.1 1-10 Free access
Comparison of Conventional RT and CHART in Locally advanced head and neck cancer: an Institutional experience Sitaram Maharia, Ajay Sharma, Neeti Sharma, Rajkumar Nirban, Shankar Lal Jakhar,
Rajendra Bothra
Vol.1 No.1 11-14 Free access
A comparative study of Docetaxel versus Paclitaxel in terms of toxicities: A regional cancer centre study in breast cancer Pramila Kumari, Praveen Kumar Khatri Vol.1 No.1 15-21 Free access
Comparison of Three Dimensional Conformal Radiotheraphy with Cobalt-60 Teletherapy in Squamous Cell Carcinoma of Larynx Satya Narayan, Saroj Kumari Vol.1 No.1 22-31 Free access
Assess the effect of body mind therapies on the level of perceived stress, anxiety and depression among substance users  Sundari S Apte  Vol.1 No.1 32-37 Free access
 Primary Neuroendocrinal tumor of gallbladder: A brief review  Jitendra Nangal  Vol.1 No.1  38-41 Free access
Evaluation of Plant Growth Promoting Attributes and Characterization of Micrococcus luteus SNSr7 isolated from Spinach (Spinacia oleracea l.) Phyllosphere  Nisha Sharma, Baljeet Singh Saharan  Vol.1 No.1  42-51  Free access

Breast Cancer Biomarkers and their clinical utility with resistance to newer biological agent

 Sakineh Abbasi, Fatemeh Shariati   Vol.1 No.1  52-57  Free access

Small Cell Neuroendocrine Carcinoma of Bilateral Breasts in a Young Female – A Case Report and Literature Review

 Jogamaya Pattnaik, Ponraj Madasamy   Vol.1 No.2  01-04  Free access

Primary Renal Gray Zone (Unclassifiable B Cell Lymphoma) Lymphoma with Hypercalcemia  and Acute Kidney Injury Mimicking Like Renal Cell
Carcinoma – A Rare Case Report

 Smita Kayal, Naresh Jadhav, Jagdeep Singh   Vol.1 No.2  05-07  Free access

T-Lymphoblastic Lymphoma in Association with Lobster Syndrome (Split-Hand/Split-Foot Syndrome) – Is It A Coincidence?

 Murali Paramanandhan, Biswajit Dubashi   Vol.1 No.2  08-10  Free access

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